What I Wore to New Orleans as a Plus Size Fashion Blogger

I’ve got a not so news flash. It’s HOT outside! And I mean bare hand kitchen stove, bikini in the house, hot outside. So what did I decide was a good idea? I thought taking my chubby butt to New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend was the right move, lol.

Not to worry though. I took the liberty (no pun intended) of exploring New Orleans as a chubby girl for you! I took outfit photos too so you can see what I wore to avoid the chub rub. I made it a point to visit as many areas of New Orleans as I could, not just the French Quarter. I wanted to explore where the locals go, not just the tourists. I highly suggest seeing these other neighborhoods of New Orleans for yourself. The vibe is like nothing else.

The Warehouse Art District

Happy Pride Month

For exploring the Warehouse Art District I wore neutrals because I wanted this mural of color to get all the attention. This Eloquii crop top has been on rotation in my closet. While these Fashion to Figure shorts were the real MVP of the no chub rub game. Shop the look here.

Marigny / Bywater

Where the Cool Kids Go

The Bywater area is a scene I am so glad I got to see. First I will warn you, if you drive a large vehicle, beware. This area is tight. Tight parking, tight houses, everything tight. All of these houses are a hodge podge of bright colors and New Orleans cottage aesthetic. I wore this floral maxi dress I bought in Metairie from a boutique called Armoire boutique. You can shop the dress here.

The Garden District

Stop and Smell the Roses

If you’ve never seen the movie The Secret Garden I imagine this is what it looked like on set. Beautiful 2 and 3 story homes covered with lush landscapes that are highly maintained. This Fashion to Figure outfit was perfect for exploring the neighborhoods. The high waisted shorts kept my chub rub at bay. While my floral crop top matched the scenery. Get the complete look here.

The French Quarter

No Beads, Just a Booty

I did eventually make it down to the French Quarter on the last day. As soon as I walked down the street a flock of 20 somethings asked to see my boobs *face palm*. I told them no boobs but they can watch this booty and shook what the good Lord gave me, lol. To explore the French Quarter I wore this romper from Fashion to Figure with a belt bag and my Dr. Scholls wedges. Shop the look here.

And that’s what I wore for a 4 day weekend in New Orleans. The most important items, sunblock, floppy hats, and shorts/bicycle shorts to keep my thighs from chafing.

Stay tuned, more plus size travel is on the way!

Hugs, Kisses, and All That Jazz,


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