What I Bought With My May Torrid Cash

Torrid cash ran from April 13th thru April 25th. The shipping took nearly 2+ weeks due to processing etc… But I finally got all my items in and I have a few things to say.

Cheetah Print Romper $59.50

This Cheetah print romper is comfy as hell. The material is the ultra soft so it feels like a hug from your mom. It also has pockets and a stretchy back panel to smooth out your back fat rolls. Smoothed out mine anyway. 10 out of 10.

Flip Flop Sandals $29.50

I’m more or less annoyed with Torrid’s inconsistent sizing. Torrid’s shoes always ran crazy big. For 5 years I’ve worn a 7.5 in Torrid shoes, despite me being a US size 9. So I ordered these in an 8, thinking they’d be a teeny big, and they’re too small. I really wish Torrid would figure out the shoe sizing issues they have. I will say, these sandals were comfortable and if the fit worked out, I would have kept them.

Mid Rise Vintage Wash Shorts $49.50

I am a US size 18. My friend bought these in a size 20 and they were too small for him. I tried them on and they fit perfect. Just be ware these run small but over all feel comfortable and fit well.

Rainbow Tank $39.50

This one was a disappointment. I love this rainbow print. The colors are very vibrant. However this style is ick. This tank literally comes down to my thighs. It is absolutely shapeless. I hope they will make something else with this fabric like a dress or crop top.

Belt Bag $28.50

I thought I would love this, but I just don’t. The round bag is so large it looks more like a tumor hanging on your side than a belt bag. I like the fabric but not the shape.

Slim Fit Tee $32.50

This top was nice, but that’s it. I wasn’t a fan of the high neck round collar. If this were a v-neck I would have kept it. The high neck does nothing for my large bust though. I will say the material was soft and comfy.

Betsey Johnson Denim Jacket $44.98

This jacket broke my heart. I LOVE denim jackets. I collect them actually. I had such high hopes for this. Unfortunately it’s too long in the torso. So when I wear it, it bunches up in the back and looks so misshapen. I was sad to see this not fit. I almost kept it and had it cut to a crop length so I could wear it. But I decided against it. Wasn’t meant to be I guess.

Sneaker $39.50

Again with the sizing. I ordered an 8 thinking I’d have room but they’re tight. I may exchange these for a 9 if they’re available. They do look super cute and even though they were a teeny bit small, they were comfortable.

Bike Short $19.98

These bike shorts were excellent. They look chic when styled but also serve their purpose of comfort. I may order these in white as well to avoid chub rub this summer.

Chevron Maxi $79.50

I just couldn’t let this dress go. I put it on and felt amazing in it. She was the show stopper. I mean, this dress doesn’t even have pockets. But I can’t help it. I feel so good in it I had to keep it. This dress is double lined and sturdy. The fit is excellent. What can I say. The heart wants what the heart wants.

And that’s it for this seasons Torrid Cash. Stay tuned for June’s Torrid cash haul in a couple weeks!

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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