What I wore to Key West as a plus size fashion blogger

I’ll start out by saying I’m currently on the lookout for a new property in Key West, Florida. LOL, ok not really but man! My vacation was amazing and depressingly short.

I was lucky enough that Eloquii rush ordered me my items for the month of May. This meant they arrived just in time for me to pack them for the trip. Luckily every outfit I received married perfectly with each days excursion. Thank you Universe.

Palm Beach, Florida / Press Photo to Shop the Look

On day 1 I loaded up the car and scooped up Jawny from Orlando. We got to our hotel in Palm Beach and decided to do a little shopping and exploring. As we cruised through town we noticed the gas light was dangerously low. We made an emergency gas stop where the gas was $4.86 a gallon for regular! We now refer to Palm Beach gas as Gucci gas ⛽️.

We did end up finding this really pretty mini park where I was able to snap this picture of my Eloquii outfit. The high waisted wide leg pants were light weight and breathable. The shoulder tie crop top was the real MVP though. I managed to stay cool and look chic at the same time.

Miami Design District / Press Photo to Shop the Look

On day 2 we decided to head to Miami. Unbeknownst to us, it was Cinco de Mayo weekend. Face Palm. The design district was crowded, even for a Sunday but we managed to snap off a couple outfit pics. This yellow jumpsuit from Eloquii fit right in with the aesthetic.

Fendi Store, Miami Design District / Press Photo to Shop the Look

I also managed to get a picture of a store front I had been eyeing, the Fendi store front. To be honest, I don’t really care about Fendi. I just liked the art design and paint color. Very Dr. Seuss aesthetic which I love. I wore the same Eloquii crop top but also their matching high waisted ankle joggers. A teeny bit itchy but over all a comfy set to walk around in.

24 North Hotel, Key West, Florida / Press Photo to Shop the Look

On day 3 it was finally time to head to the keys. We had to drive through the Everglades which I found a bit ominous. Just knowing all sorts of wildlife were surrounding me with nothing but a fence. Only one way in, one way out, spooky. We checked into our hotel, 24 North Hotel and immediately changed into our swim clothes. I wore this adorable 2 piece set from Shein and an orange swim bottom from Amazon.

Swim set from Shein/Amazon / Press Photo to Shop the Look

An unexpected surprise was there were chickens everywhere. Apparently wild chickens roam freely amongst the locals and tourists, including the hotel pool. I quite enjoyed it but Jawny wasn’t a fan. He’s not to keen on birds. We snapped some photos and had a delicious meal at the hotels Coconut Cabana.

Toasted Coconut Cabana, 24 North Hotel / Press Photo to Shop the Look

On day 4 we woke up and went back to the Toasted Coconut for a delicious breakfast. I wore this matching 2 piece short and crop top set from Eloquii. I still pine for the French toast Jawny ate, which my blood sugar would never allow me. Say La Vie. We then packed up and headed for the beach.

Smather’s Beach, Key West, Florida

We got there around 9:00. Jawny was terrified we wouldn’t find parking but to our surprise, no one was around. We made camp, complete with beach tent cover, 2 fold out chairs and a trolly meant for rolling through sand. Jawny is an experienced beach goer. We didn’t realize just how hot it was but we enjoyed the sun and warmth for a few hours. We enjoyed animal crackers because apparently none of the local birds can smell animal crackers. We packed up and decided to do a little exploring.

Sadly I didn’t get photos but we found the most amazing little Nicaraguan restaurant ever. Family owned and located directly on Mile Marker 1. We wanted to find Mile Marker 0 but couldn’t because an Old Dominion concert was playing there.

Smather’s Beach, Key West, Florida

We changed into some fresh, not so sweaty clothes and headed back to Smather’s Beach where it was much less touristy. I slipped on my one piece bathing suit from Shein. We enjoyed the sunset and snapped some amazing photos. Neither of us wanted to leave but we needed dinner. We went back to the Toasted Coconut for Quesadilla’s and a long nights rest.

Sunset, Smather’s Beach

The experience was unforgettable. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other personally. I will 100% return to this paradise and I’m so thankful that we did this.

Until next time,

Hugs, Kisses, and All That Jazz,


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