2021 New Years Goals

Happy New Year! We survived the insanity that was 2020 and now we have a fresh new beginning ahead.

For me 2020 was the year of growth. I learned so much about life, about myself really. I got rid of so much dead weight and fake friends. I made new ones that are genuine and loving. I buckled down hard on my craft and rebranded myself. I created several new business relationships. I rebuilt this blog from the ground up. I learned, laughed, cried, yelled. I feel like I did it all honestly. So what are my goals for 2021?

I don’t make New Years resolutions. The word resolution seems stern and exhausting. I make New Years Goals. So here are mine.

  1. Be more sustainable. I want to be more earth conscious. I want to start a recycling program in my county. My county doesn’t offer a recycling program which boggles my mind because I live in farm country, surrounded by land that is well maintained. I also want to buy less. Buying less means less things are produced. I want to recycle the things I have and work harder at selling or donating things regularly.
  2. I want to create a savings. I am 35 years old and don’t have a savings. I feel embarrassed by this honestly But I know a lot of Americans live pay check to pay check and 2020 didn’t help. If I save $20.00 a week, every week, I’ll have $1040.00 and that’s a start.
  3. I want to start a regular walking program. Walking is something I just need to do. I need to keep my body moving forward. I’m starting to realize the effect of not moving enough thanks to Covid. And I’m not enjoying it. So even if its just a 15 minute walk a day, I am going to start walking daily.
  4. I want to break out of just fashion blogging. I enjoy fashion blogging so much. It will always be my first love. But I also travel quite regularly. I enjoy cooking and baking. I’m a mom. And I want to enjoy other avenues of fashion as well, accessories, beauty, skincare etc…. I want to dive into all of it.
  5. Last but not least, I want to make sure I pay more attention to this blog. So to do so I’m going blog, at the very least, every Monday. I certainly hope I will blog more than that but to keep a consistent pattern, I will blog every Monday or more.

I think these are realistic 2021 goals. I want to have goals that I know are attainable with hard work and consistency.

What are your New Years Goals for 2021?

Hugs, Kisses, and All That Jazz,


2 thoughts on “2021 New Years Goals

  1. Realistic Goals and Inspirational too. . . . Happy 2021!!



    1. Thank you so much! Here’s to a new year of possibilities!


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