Walmart: 10 Items x 10 Looks

When was the last time you shopped for clothes at Walmart? It’s probably been a minute right. I don’t know about y’all but since Covid hit I haven’t been doing near as much in store shopping. I did however need to stop at Walmart for a few random items for dinner. As I was about to hit the self checkout line I noticed a really cute pumpkin Halloween tee shirt. I scuttled on over to the clothing section and much to my surprise, there was a lot of really cute stuff in there.

Walmart and Eloquii Elements

2 things specifically stood out to me. The first being, I was pleasantly surprised by the juniors plus availability. I found some really cute stuff sizes 17-21. Now a lot of it had been picked clean. I also don’t usually shop the juniors section. However since it’s fall, I was just looking for oversized jackets and sweaters. The 2nd I was surprised about was the variety. I found things from Terra and Sky, Time and Tru, No Boundaries and even Walmart brand pieces. They all married together exceptionally well.

Maybe my favorite outfit of this capsule wardrobe

I was able to create a 10 piece fall capsule wardrobe. This entire capsule wardrobe costs $170.00! That is an amazing steal! If you like plus size fashion that is easy wear street style then this capsule is for you. You can shop all of these pieces individually by clicking on the image or you can shop all of these pieces at

Happy October everyone!

Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Size Super Soft Leopard Jeggings $15.87
Time and Tru Women’s Denim Jacket $19.96
Way to Celebrate Women’s Pumpkin Face T-Shirt $5.98
Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Size Printed Slim Leg Dress Pants $18.44
Time and Tru High Rise Button Skinny Jeans $19.94
Terra & Sky Women’s Plus Size Plaid Button Down Shirt $16.97
No Boundaries Juniors’ Varsity Stripe Football T-Shirt $9.96
Time and Tru Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Boatneck T-Shirt $11.98
No Boundaries Juniors Denim Jacket $19.88
Time and Tru Women’s Long Sleeve Open Front Cardigan $13.96

I hope y’all enjoy this easy capsule wardrobe from Walmart. Find me on Instagram for my 10 items 10 ways video at

Until next time!

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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