Eloquii Elements

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve witnessed influencers everywhere showing off their Eloquii Elements looks. As most curvy girls know, plus size fashion comes at a higher price point than straight size fashion. We as plus ladies know this as the fat tax. We often miss out on trendy plus clothing, because $75.00 dollars for a pair of jeans and $45.00 for a sweater is a hard hitting price point.

Tie Neck Pleated Dress, Floral $35.00

Walmart and Eloquii have come together to create a revolutionary diffusion line. They have combined Walmart’s low price mission with Eloquii”s on trend aesthetic, and birthed Eloquii Elements. The way this collection was created is nothing short of genius. This dream team not only kept their budget friendly on trend mission, but also added a 3rd more subtle element, the cost per wear ratio. This 39 piece collection offers so many mix and match options, you have the ability to have a 0 repeat wardrobe for the entire fall/winter 2020 season. I nabbed 14 of the 39 pieces and created over a month worth of outfits that you can see here.

Eloquii Elements Try On Haul

Now let me tell you something personal about me. Growing up, I wore nothing but bargain finds, thrift store picks and Walmart items. I was heavily teased for it. 20 years later I still get DM’s from people saying, “Eva, I’m so sorry I was so mean to you. I remember the awful things I said to you. I don’t know how you ever handled it so well.” Obviously my response was to overcome my haters, and create a platform for other plus size girls just like me and then shove our fabulousness right back in their faces! LOL.

Denim Peplum Jacket $40.00

All jokes aside, this line is revolutionary because its for everyone. If you’re a size 14 and up, the price is almost irrelevant. As long as you like the garment, you don’t have to focus much on the cost. I hope this leaves you feeling loved, trendy and full of confidence. In the infamous words of Kathryn Stockett “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Distressed Mom Jeans $30.00 / Multi-Striped Sweater $25.00

Bonus Points! I’ve made shopping these items a little easier for you. You can shop the pieces of this video right here. Be sure to tag me in your look #thecurvycarrottop so I can share your looks through my Instagram. I love showing off how fabulous you really are!

Floral Tie Neck Pleated Dress – https://bit.ly/33iFzXb

Multi-Stripe Sweater – https://bit.ly/2SgAPut

Black Puff Sleeve Tee – https://bit.ly/2G9QcTg

Leopard Button Down Shirt Dress – https://bit.ly/2S9sMj9

Striped Puff Sleeve Tee – https://bit.ly/3n5sRm6

Denim Peplum Jacket – https://bit.ly/36gLQnT

Blush Cropped Sweater – https://bit.ly/33fOwAu

Leopard Pleated Skirt – https://bit.ly/36j87l4

Printed Fit and Flare Dress – https://bit.ly/2GahOHR

Leopard Ruffle Detail Blouse – https://bit.ly/30jS3M7

Distressed Mom Jeans – https://bit.ly/2HApaok

Faux leather shawl collar jacket – https://bit.ly/3jr72v2

Leopard Self Tie Wide Leg Pants – https://bit.ly/2HGOpWe

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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