7 Ways to Do Faux Fall

Um, what the heck is faux fall? I’m glad you asked! Faux fall is what I call fall in the south. While everyone else in the Midwest and New England areas are starting to wear their jackets and booties, down here, closer to the equator, we are still in flip flops and sundresses. So what the heck is a southern girl supposed do?

Have no fear! I am going to show you 7 ways to do faux fall.

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1. Wear Fall Colors

So this might be a no brainer but put away your tropical prints and straw hats. You can still wear a babydoll dress and hats but change the colors up. Like this mustard yellow dress from Chic Soul paired with a wide brim wool fedora and leopard ankle booties.

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2. Leopard Print

It’s sort of an unspoken language that when the richer tones of leopard and cheetah print come out, it has a fall esthetic. You can still wear light weight fabrics in a leopard print, like this leopard maxi from Eloquii. Leopard is a neutral, and when paired with other rich tones like black, hunter green or mustard it instantly says pumpkin spice life.

3. Kick It in Neutral

This is the perfect time to get your fall neutrals ready. You can easily create a fall neutral capsule wardrobe which will serve as your basics for when cold weather finally does arrive. Basics being a black tee, your favorite jeans and a denim jacket. If you’re not sure how to start your fall basics wardrobe, stay tuned, because I’ve got that coming too.

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4. The Sleeveless Turtleneck

It’s also an unspoken fact that turtlenecks signify fall. An easy way to do faux fall is by wearing a sleeveless turtleneck. Bonus points, this lightweight sleeveless turtleneck is $10.00 at Torrid. You still get a fall vibe from the turtleneck without sweating to death in long sleeves.

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5. Makeup Color Scheme

An easy and subtle way to do faux fall is by wearing fall colored makeup. Put away your bright and neon shades from summer and bring out your orange, red and brown tone palettes. The Morphe 35G has 35 rich fall shades to play with, with plenty of shimmer.

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6. Head Gear

Like I mentioned in option 1, put away your straw floppy hats and swap them out for sturdy faux wool hats like a wide brim fedora or newsboy hat. This black fedora from Amazon is just $17.00. The faux wool texture has a cozy vibe to it signifying fall without being overbearingly hot. And bonus points! Instant sun protection.

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7. Sheer Tights

This is such a simple trick. Keeping with the fall color scheme previously mentioned, wear your favorite mini skirt, like this one from Chic Soul and a bodysuit combo but pair it with sheer tights. The tights give a fall vibe, and your legs semi covered while still being breathable. And bonus points, sheer tights help stop chub rub while still looking edgy.

I hope these 7 tricks have inspired you to take the plunge into fall fashion, even if your weather doesn’t agree. What other ways do you fake it til you make it when it comes to fall fashion?

Until next time. Hugs, Kisses, and All That Jazz!


4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Do Faux Fall

  1. Leopard is always in style and you look Fantastic in this dress. Kudos!

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    1. I think Leopard and Stripes are my favorite neutral patterns!




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