My Amazing $400 Remodel

A 2 year dream of creating my perfect dressing room/office has been completed. I have managed to do a head to toe organization and remodel. I have dreamt of a room like this since I was a little girl. I have fond memories of my parents doing something similar around my 15th birthday. My walls were painted light pink and all new white and brown matching furniture was put in. I also received my very own vanity and puff chair. Ah, such fond memories. To say I feel whole right now is an understatement.

See, as a blogger, my mind wanders a million miles a minute. I’m constantly thinking about content, concepts, locations, travel, trends etc…. I’m also a mother and a house wife. And as a house wife no one in my house lifts a finger but me. Mostly because my fiancé is busy running a business which takes up the majority of his life and my son is in school. I mean, my son does help somewhat but he’s also legally blind. Keeping things tidy is tough for him since he can’t make out the fine details of small dirt piles or little spills. So, managing our home falls on me. Before redoing my dressing office, I found writing content exhausting and down right anxiety causing. I felt trapped, bolted to the floor in place. And it makes perfect sense when you think about it. How could I possibly create clean cut content while engulfed in visual chaos.

I decided enough was enough. I was going to do something about it. This is a form of self care for me. I don’t know when I’ll ever stop fashion blogging; so this is an investment in me. I know I’m worth it.

I started with cleaning out my closet over all. As a fashion blogger it is custom to accumulate a metric shit ton of clothes and clothing related items. The best thing to do is a major cull of those items. This took me the longest amount of time. I followed the Marie Kondo method for this process with some modifications. I didn’t need to get rid of books, toys etc…. I also didn’t use her famous folding technique. Not that I’m against it, I just prefer to hang everything up to avoid wrinkles. I ended up taking everything out of my walk in closet; and OMG was it a lot. I picked through piece by piece and really made myself feel if I had feelings for an item or not. If I didn’t have an emotional jolt of joy, I thanked it and put in a donation box. I ended up removing over 300 items! Now that I reached my keeper items, I reorganized the closet in a method I actually learned from the Goodwill Store. They hang their clothes by color. I think this is brilliant. It’s a simple color coded system to follow and bonus points, its visually appealing too!

Once the closet was complete I started on the dressing office itself. I took every single object out of the room. The walls were barren because I knew I had to paint. I didn’t dislike the pelican blue wall color but I knew I wanted something fresh and cheerful. So Valspar Ultra White was the best option. Once the paint was dry I found new organization furniture items. I found these bookshelves at Target for $35.00 and $25.00 a piece. They are excellent quality and I would absolutely buy them again. I also found a new garment rack and these adorable gold polka dot wall decals from Amazon. The jewelry organizer I used was simply a $10.00 thread holder from Walmart that I spray painted white. The art on the wall was a painting I found at a Goodwill for $13.00. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her (reminds me of my dancing days). I also knew that I wanted to have a simple table and chair for an office so I can write. I very specifically wanted a round table which is harder than you think for a small space. Most white desks I found were rectangular and bulky. I knew that with the polka dots I had on the walls I also would need a circular table to follow the esthetic. I was able to find this simple white chair at Hobby Lobby and this table which is supposed to be an end table at Ashley Furniture Homestore.

Overall the project costs me $400.00 and was worth every penny of my mental health. I now feel inspired, recharged and clear. There really is no price on clarity.

You can shop all of the items used in my renovation by going to

Now be prepared for a lot of new content coming. I have try on hauls coming from Torrid, Eloquii, Boohoo, Shein, and Chic Soul. Just because I took a week off to work on my dressing office doesn’t mean I didn’t online shop like a fiend during the Labor Day sales. I also have some extra cool news to share. In a month, Clint and I are packing up the dog and heading to Kansas City, MO. It is still hot enough to fry eggs on the side walk here in South Georgia. So I am demanding we go somewhere that is cold. Clint is taking his race car to the tuner in Kansas City, MO, which means we are taking a vacation out there. I plan to stop in Nashville and St. Louis as well. So be prepared for a million vacation pictures.

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


2 thoughts on “My Amazing $400 Remodel

  1. Very Inspirational!


    1. Thank you! I just wanted a space full of happiness and peace.


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