Target Designer Series

Target did a pretty cool thing. They partnered with 3 designer brands to bring some more high end pieces. The 3 brands were Lisa Marie Fernandez, Cushnie, and LoveShackFancy. I ended up buying items from Lisa Marie Fernandez and Cushnie. It was difficult for me to choose items because Target did something odd with their sizing options.

These items are available in straight size or plus size but the sizing goes from 16 to 18W. This was Target’s decision, not the designers. The 16 has a 42in bust and the 18W has a 48in bust. I’m a 45in bust and would normally fall under Target’s 16W. Because of this 6in size gap, I have trouble trying to squeeze into a 16 or keep the 18W and have it taken in. So, here is what I got and I need your help deciding.

Lisa Marie Fernandez Size 18W
Cushnie Size 18W
Cushnie Size 18W
Cushnie Size 16
Lisa Marie Fernandez Size 18W

The 16 was way too small. I ended up getting stuck in it and my 10 year old had to help me out of it. The 18W’s have pretty significant size gaping and would have to be taken in by at least 3 or more inches. I’m still not 100% sure. I may do a 3rd order of a few other things since they are all on sale now.

What are your thoughts? Are these items worth the extra $20 dollars a pop for the tailor?

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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