Boo Hoo Try On Haul Spring 2020

Hey there guys and gals. I decided to try out a brand that is nothing new to most but is marginally new to me. They have actually been around since 2006 when they first launched. They are located in the UK, but in 2012 they went international launching in the United States and Australia. In 2014 BooHoo Curve was born, making their fun time attire available for all sizes. Now, I’ve previously purchased an item here or an item there, just testing out the waters. But today I decided I would delve a little deeper and purchase a few items. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I decided to order a few dresses. Seemed harmless enough. These are my up and down thoughts.

Floral Lace Puff Sleeve Midi $38.00

I’m starting this post out with a bang! This floral lace puff sleeve midi is giving me so much on trend right now. A couple trends I’m seeing everywhere are puff sleeves, square necklines, and midi dresses. So why not make it all in one and make a bold statement. This dress is just fun! And for the record, yes you can walk in it. This dress is just on the edge of being couture and is giving me so much 2020 trend right now I’m still obsessed with it.

Floral Wrap Dress $18.00

Next I ordered a floral true wrap dress $18.00. The dress itself was light weight which I loved. It moved well and looked quite festival chic. The rose print was so darling and I loved the slight embellished sleeve. However the v-neck portion of it had 0 coverage. My breasts were just hanging all out because there was no button closure to keep the v-neck portion of the dress closed. I ended up have to safety pin it down. Eventually I will sew a snap into it, but until then, a safety pin will have to do. We ended up going downtown on a Sunday when there was no around to take a few photos. I had several Marylin Monroe moments in this dress. Tragique! Luckily no one was around but my fiancé, so any sudden flashing moments were avoided.

Leopard Print Faux Wrap Dress $22.00

Next I found this faux wrap leopard print v-neck dress. Again, the bust area had no closure installed and the top was a bit flowy, so a safety pin was necessary. I liked the light weight material of the dress. My fiancé also noticed that the dress had not only your usual black, white and tan leopard spots but it also had faint pink leopard spots on it. No wonder I loved it online. I ended up calling this my pink panther dress. This one ended up being the easiest to wear. I do think I will be able to transition this into the fall, so it will be a good year round piece.

Floral Ruched Dress $22.00

Lastly is my favorite dress. I was weary when I saw it online because it is a fitted dress. I am going to tell myself to STFU when I’m worried about wiggle dresses because I watched this online for like a month before I would commit to buying it. It is their plus woven large floral rose ruched wrap dress. Again, the same issue happened, the bust area was too loose so I had to safety pin it closed. However, once I got that taken care of, I fell in love with this dress. I can’t move around in as much as I’d like (think Peg Bundy in Married With Children). But I didn’t care. I will take all the baby steps I need for this dress. I’m sure I’m exaggerating but I really do love this dress. It made me feel so beautiful. The ruching down the sides and the back create the most statuesque shape. If you’re on the fence, buy this dress, especially for $22.00.

And that’s it for today y’all. Let me know if you’d like me to try out Boohoo again. Maybe I’ll get a little braver and tryout a few more things that are out my comfort zone.

Until next time,

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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