Shop: Torrid Spring 2020

Hey there friends. Here are links to all of the items in my Torrid Spring 2020 haul. There were 2 items I couldn’t link, the polka dot romper and heart print denim jacket. Unfortunately they sold out quickly. Everything else is here though! Happy Monday y’all.

Torrid Lace Maxi Dress

Torrid Faux Leather Floral Jacket

Torrid Bodysuit

Torrid Peplum Utility Jacket

Torrid 3 Button Mini Skirt

Torrid Floral Off the Shoulder

Torrid Cropped Denim Vest

Torrid Gold Chain and Pearl Headband

Torrid Walnut Polka Dot Midi Dress

Torrid Cropped Cardigan

Torrid Classic White Tee

Torrid Black 3 Button Jeggings

Torrid Military Jacket

Torrid Super Soft Surplice Tee

Torrid Distressed Bermuda Shorts

Snakeskin Print Block Heels

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