Chic Soul April 2020 Collab

What’s kickin chicken! I missed you! Today I’ll be sharing the goodie goods I received from my April collaboration with Chic Soul. I know with Covid-19 not many people are interested in dressing up right now but let me tell you. This blog has been the glue holding me together. When Covid-19 hit I sunk into a 2 week depression spell. It was not pretty. Luckily this blog gave me the will and desire to get up everyday and do what I love, which is share my love of fashion and beauty with you. So for that I want to say thank you. My readers have been the beacon of light I needed in these dark times. Now, without further adieu here’s what you really came for, the fashion.

Flirting With Forever Dress $57.00

First up is this seriously adorable dress called the Flirting With Forever dress for $57.00. I’ll worn you, this dress is currently sold out. BUT you can sign up to receive text or email notifications when it’s back in stock. Now, the reasons I love this dress. First of all it is solid white and has no see through issues. Everyone knows see through white is the worst. I also love the laser cutout embroidery detail. The design is so feminine it gives this effortlessly chic look of a sweetheart summer. Very South Georgia if I do say. I’m wearing the 2X and I do wish I had sized down. I felt it was a little big on the top.

Your Faith In Me Dress $57.00

Next is their Your Faith in Me Dress. This dress is also $57.00. I’m wearing the 1X. When I first saw this dress online I got the best 90’s vibe ever. And when I put it on my feelings were confirmed. I felt so much like Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic in this dress and in the best way! This is a midi length with functional buttons going down. The placement of the buttons, on my silhouette, created an almost mermaid style silhouette. The color and the print of this dress are so charming. The fabric is light weight for spring as well. If you’re on the fence, I approve this dress.

State the Facts Romper $49.00

Next we have the State the Facts romper in coral. This romper is $49.00. I am wearing the 2X. Y’all this romper is literally the easiest thing in the world to wear. It just glides on and boom, instant cool chic vibe. The fabric is crazy light weight but not see through. The fabric doesn’t have much stretch but the straps are adjustable. It also comes with a built in drawstring which ensures a perfect fit. I can tell this romper is going to stay on rotation for me. When I first saw it I was kinda kinda but now that I have it, I have million looks I plan to pair this with. I could see this with an oversized blazer and a chunky belt or just a simple denim jacket and sneakers for a weekend fun day. My only downside was the fabric does wrinkle easily. I would suggest steaming and starching this before wearing it for the day.

Weekender Babydoll Tank $44.00

Next is a look of several pieces that are all chic soul. Now the kimono I’m wearing was part of a promotion they were holding. On any order placed you not only received free shipping but you also got a free kimono. That is an awesome promotion if you ask me. This particular kimono isn’t on their site for purchase but if you do a quick keyword kimono search, you will find 7 pages full of other kimono’s they have available.

Love You Today Shorts

The tank I’m wearing is their Weekender Babydoll tank in lavender. They have several different colors to choose from. This tank is $44.00. I’m wearing a 1X. I wish I had sized up to a 2X. The material is very stretchy. But it did ride up through the day. That is not on the manufacture though. I just have 38I boobs so sizing them is never going to be 100% accurate. What I do love is this tank is so freaking comfy. It’s like soft pajama’s comfy. This tank is the equivalent of that feeling you get when you’ve been at the beach all day and your skin in all warm and glowing and you’ve had a nap and now you’re about to go eat some taco’s. Yea, this tank feels like melatonin on your body. Ahhh…. Ok, back to reality. To complete this ensemble I have their Love You Today shorts. I ordered them in 3X because I like my shorts stretchy and comfy. These shorts are my new favorite shorts. They aren’t super short, praise the Lord, and they’re comfy enough I can wear them all day. Again they’re just effortless. Over all this complete look is a weekend getaway dream set. These shorts are also sold out (I know, I’m sorry y’all) but again you can sign up for text or email notification for when these come back in stock.

Used to It Top $45.00

Next is this pajama set. You can’t be in quarantine during a pandemic and not have a pajama day. The universe just says so. So I’ve got their Used to it Top in a 1X and their Easy to Say shorts in a 3X. The top was $45.00 and the shorts were, unfortunately I don’t know. Apparently the shorts sold out already and aren’t being restocked. Sad face. I hate to brag but I love this loungewear set. The shirt was very stiff when it first arrived. After wearing it a few hours it finally broke in and now it is very warm and cozy. The fit for me was good for these too. There’s just something so therapeutic about lounging around in a matching set that soothes the soul.

Holding Hands on the Boardwalk $41.00

And last but certainly not least, the Holding Hands on the Boardwalk dress in mint. This dress is $41.00. I’m wearing the 2X. So, I didn’t realize it, but I actually have this dress in 4 different colors. Not a joke, I own this dress in the Blue, Yellow White and Mint. So apparently, I’m a big fan. I am a sucker for a classic print like a polka dot or a stripe. When you pair a classic print with a bright spring color I just go bonkers for it. I’m like a cat to a laser pointer flashlight. This dress is effort. It glides on like butter and feels like it too. AND! it has pockets! I know you wanted to hear that. It also has an attached matching cloth belt to accentuate your waist.

All in all I’m very pleased with our Curvy Carrot Top x Chic Soul April collab. I will try to link everyone in this post as well in the Shop. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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