Beauticurve x Lane Bryant Review

Welcome back to the blog ladies and gents! Phew Child! It has been a whirlwind of emotions these past 3 weeks. I’ll start by saying the Covid-19 virus is an absolute menace. Between you and I, these past weeks have put me into a terrible depression. The fear of the situation and the illness itself are enough to drive someone to depression. Not being able to see our loved ones and many of our much enjoyed activities being ripped away are maddening. And for me personally, not being able to see my son has hit me very hard. Yes there is FaceTime and text but when your 10 yr old says “Mommy, I just want a hug.” well, that hits hard. So for those struggling, we are in this together.

With that said, the experts say the best way to fight the shock, that has rocked our core, is to try to maintain your normal life activities as much as possible; making whatever necessary and positive life changes needed. I finally received some items I ordered from the Beauticurve x Lane Bryant collaboration. Shipping took longer than expected as many warehouses across the US have shutdown due to sanitation needs, lack of employee ability and social distancing requirements. I have 5 items to review today so grab a cup of hot chocky and lets spill the tea.

First and foremost this is not a paid review. I purchased these items with my own dollars so you’re guaranteed going to receive a 100% honest review. I’ve scored these items on an A to F grading scale. The 5 categories for review are Quality, Fit, Price, Design and Details.

BeautiCurve Pleated Midi Dress

1: Beauticurve Pleated Midi Dress / Grade B+

This dress just feels expensive. You can feel in the details that this dress is high quality. Its double lined so you don’t have to worry about any see-through issues. The fit is almost perfect. I ordered a 16 which is my usual size with Lane Bryant. Over all the fit was good but I felt the top was a bit loose. It hung on my bust area a little too freely. I was surprised by this because being a 38I I usually have the opposite issue. The price of this dress is a bit steep. It’s $99.95 which is on the higher price range. Lane Bryant has frequent sales however they’re usually $50 off $100. Since this dress is $99.95 you are $.05 from the sale cap. That $.05 will exclude you from the $50 off $100 unless you purchase something else. I feel like that’s just cruel business practice. There’s enough red tape in the world. We don’t need to literally nickel and dime our way through plus size fashion. The design of this dress is great. I like the gathered seam detail at the shoulder. It gives an added feminine detail. The lilac color is beautiful for spring. The v-neck shape is flattering for all body types. The pleating in the bottom of the dress is well tailored. The dress has pockets which is always a bonus. The fabric is a lightweight chiffon fabric with a long sleeve, making this breathable. It is 100% polyester which is a bit hot here in the south but the chiffon overlay detail makes this less stuffy. Over all I gave this dress a B+.

BeautiCurve Belted Ankle Jumpsuit

2: Beauticurve Belted Ankle Jumpsuit / Grade C-

Of all the items in this collection, this was my least favorite. The jumpsuit is well made, as expected with Lane Bryant quality. However the lining mixed with the crepe overlay created a weird wrinkle effect that I didn’t care for. The fit was so/so as well. I’m 5’10 and the description claims this hits at the ankle. This hits above the ankle for me. That is a personal no no for me when it comes to wide leg pants. If these were a fitted ankle pant this would be an entirely different story. This jumpsuit retails for $89.95 and I personally don’t think this is worth that price. The construction is just not there for me. I wish they had used this color for the pleated dress. That would be an excellent balance of bold color with a classic silhouette and pattern. This jumpsuit does come with pockets which is always a positive. The belt on this is also a cloth tie belt which I feel cheapens the design. I would have loved to have seen a matching colored belt that was an actual belt, not a piece of flimsy cloth. Over all this is not my favorite and will be returned. A for effort, but I really expected more.

BeautiCurve Palm Print Button Up Dress

3: Beauticurve Palm Print Button Up Dress / Grade C+

I am still on the fence with this dress. I’ll start out by saying I wish I had sized down. I ordered my usual size 16 and I was swimming in this dress. When you have a button up dress I feel like fit is really important. I’ll start with what I like about this dress. I like the print and color of this dress. The colors are rich tropical hues and fall right into my color wheelhouse. The quality of this dress is excellent as well. The price of $79.95 is a bit high but with the many sales Lane Bryant hold, with a little patience you can nab this for $39.97. I was pleased that with this dress being a button up dress it came with the hidden bust buttons that makes me LOVE Lane Bryant. Only a few plus size companies are regularly using hidden bust buttons in their button up clothes. With my large bust, hidden buttons are a necessity, not an option. Now for the things I’m not a huge fan of. As I stated before, I feel like this dress runs big. I also feel like the fabric of this dress holds heat. Since this dress is 100% polyester, double lined, and long sleeve there is not much breathing going on. With this being a Spring collection, I wish the material was different. On warm days in South Georgia I couldn’t wear this all day. I also wish this didn’t have the gathered seam in the shoulder. My 38I bust in a button up blouse is voluminous enough. I don’t need added detail in the shoulder to accentuate my top heaviness even more. If this print were in a different shaped dress or a lighter fabric I would have loved this dress so much. I feel like a lot more could have been done with his dress but it just missed the mark.

BeautiCurve Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

4: Off-The-Shoulder Beauticurve Midi Dress / A-

This dress is by far my favorite dress in the collection. The quality is again an A+ per Lane Bryant standards. The fit of this dress is the only reason this dress didn’t overall receive an A+. Many of the dresses in this collection come in a range of 14, 16, 18 etc… However this particular dress comes in the range of 14/16, 18/20 etc…. For some reason in this dress they designated the sizing differently. The 14/16 was a bit snug in my tummy area, as is expected with a more body hugging dress like this. I tried this on in the 18/20 but I was swimming in it. So, with this dress I have to make sure I wear Spanx or some other tummy smoothing apparatus to hide my mommy tum. For $89.95 some may find that price a bit high. I however love this dress so much, I paid full price for it. The moment I put it on I was in love. The design of the dress is fantastic. You can wear it off the shoulder, half on the shoulder or as a strapless tube-top dress. The print is just so stinking cute too. It’s a refreshing step up from the played out animal prints we’ve seen everywhere in stores. The ruffle detail at the bottom give this a fun flirty punch of sweetness and almost creates a mermaid illusionary detail. The fabric of this dress is a light weight crepe fabric. Also this being an off or on the shoulder dress it leaves so much more breathing room. This is made of 100% polyester but again, the open shoulder makes you not overheat. Over all, I am in love with this dress from the collection and will wear it everywhere because it is a fantastic spring and summer knockout statement of a dress.

Lane Bryant Floral Crossover Midi Dress

5: BONUS – Lane Bryant Floral Crossover Midi Dress / Grade A+

This dress is a cutie patootie fresh and fruity (as my 10 year old would say). The quality of this dress is fantastic. It is double lined, with a hidden zipper and hook-and-eye closure at the back. The fit of this is perfection. It comes with an attached matching waist cinching fabric that can be tied in the front or back depending on your choice. At $89.95 I would pay full price for this dress. With this quality, the dress will last a life time if cared for per the care instructions. The design and print of this dress is so feminine and just effortless. The added flutter at the side, the cinched 3/4 sleeve length arm and the crossover v-neck; all of these details make this dress an absolute winner. I’m also a huge fan of the yellow. It is my favorite color. I definitely want to see more dresses like this from Lane Bryant and I’m sure you too.

My over all thoughts: From what I’ve seen from this collection, there is a little something for everyone. I regret not grabbing a few other things that were in this collection however some of them are sold out in my size already. I feel like my opinion will definitely not be the same as everyone else’s and it shouldn’t be. We are all shaped differently. Some live in more forgiving climates that are not stifling hot like South Georgia. Many of you work in offices or indoors where a double lined polyester would be greatly appreciated. It will keep you comfortable without having to cover up your beautiful new outfit with a lumpy sweater for warmth.

Additionally, in lieu of this Covid-19 pandemic Lane Bryant has adapted their normal 30 day return policy in the following ways. Any purchase made February 1, 2020 until further notice, made in store, are eligible for full refund after a disclosed date when stores have reopened. The option to receive a full return via mail is also still available within the US. They are offering free mailed returns of online US orders as well through their website with step by step instructions on how to do so. Orders made via phone can be sent directly to the warehouse. The packing slip serve as the receipt for online purchases.

I hope y’all enjoyed this honest review. Stay tuned because I placed way too many online orders from other stores, not to share it with you. Until next time!

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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