What I Am Obsessing Over

Hey Hey y’all! Are we jazzed for Spring or what! Well today I’m going to share a few things I’m currently obsessing over. I’ll be sure to list links and details so you can check out the deets. So, without further adieu…..

Deez Delectable Candle Treats

Deez Delectable Candle Treats

Who are they? Deez Delectable Candle Treats are a subcategory of Victory Over Victim. Victory Over Victim was created to provide services for children, teens and facilities whom have encountered any type of violence, such as mental, emotional, sexual, bullying, sex trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence, gun violence etc… They provide educational services, counseling, and anger managements services. Victory Over Victim strives to provide a secure environment for those who are lacking in the areas of education, low self-esteem and financial literacy., helping them to transform and transition back into the ways of society and bettering themselves to the next level. Some of the amazing things they do include:

  • Provide resources in assistance to contribute in development
  • Facilitate workshops on job preparation such as resume building and writing
  • Facilitate parenting classes
  • Facilitate financial literacy planning and budgeting finance preparation for transitional placement
  • Assistance with referral services for GED classes in house and off campus
  • Random drug testing ensuring the safety of the home and other residents
  • Facilitate anger management classes to the women whom have proven to have issues with aggression
  • Facilitate counseling for all residents in order to determine their state of mind and mental wellness
This looks to good to burn!

One caveat they manage in order to raise funds for the Victory Over Victim program is the sales of Deez Delectable Candle Treats. These candles are life size candles that are scented and crafted to look and smell just like real edible treats. I personally had to buy two of them, one in chocolate brownie and another in buttered popcorn. They’re almost too pretty to burn! These make amazing gifts and all proceeds go to the Victory Over Victims program. Check them out on IG http://www.instagram.com/deezdelectable or find their website at https://www.victoryovervictim738.org.

Mon and Mau Design

How amazing is this jean jacket!

Mon and Mau Design are this amazing team of two brothers that create custom denim jackets. Now I know what you’re thinking “Eve its just a denim jacket, what the big deal?” Well not for Mon and Mau Design. For one, these denim jackets are unbelievable and fully functional pieces of art. The amount of detail and artistic creativity that goes into these denim jackets makes them beyond unique. I’m talking Shark Tank unique yall! Which takes me to my second point, each and every design is couture. They’re incredibility embellished with stand out looks, using the highest quality materials to create your one of kind denim jacket.

A photographers dream jacket

Since I know a picture is worth a thousand words I’ve snagged a few pics from their IG so you can see just how amazing their work is. They do take custom requests. They’re in the process of creating my Curvy Carrot Top custom jacket. They have helped me get a grasp on my vision and make it a reality. They do men’s, women’s, plus size, children’s, even pets! For pricing you can message them directly on FB https://www.facebook.com/mon&muadesign or on IG at https://www.instagram.com/mon_maudesign for pricing.

Lane Bryant and Iambeauticurve

An amazing fellow plus size blogger has teamed up for a second time with Lane Bryant to launch their Spring Beauticurve x Lane Bryant collection. This is the 2nd collaboration between this team as the first collaboration was a mega success! From the first collaboration I was unfortunately disappointed in the quality of the item. I ordered a black and white striped dress that looked adorable, but the inner collar wasn’t sewn down meaning the inner collar would pop out as I wore it. It was annoying and unsightly. Another issue I had was when I would wash it, it would stain easily in the wash. The white for some reason picked up a lot of dark shaded color. Kind of broke my heart. Another gripe I had was this first collection was online only, but they were advertising the collection in store via a life size poster. It was like they were dangling a carrot in my face but saying sorry, not bites for you. I would much rather prefer to have the option to try on in store.

Fast forward to today, my faith in them was restored! Today the new collection launched and it just so happened I needed to go to my local Lane Bryant to send back an item I bought online. As I was leaving the store I noticed 2 of the dresses that were part of the new Beauticurve collection were sitting right there! I snatched up the only one left in a 14/16 and headed straight for the dressing room. As soon as I put it on, I felt it was destiny. Everything about this dress screamed, “Take me home!” and home it came. Now I am jazzed about the new collection and can’t wait to see what other treasures are in store for this spring fashion mashup.

And that’s it for today. What new up and coming or small business brands are you gushing over? Comment below so I can scope out new and exciting things you’re loving!

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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