2020 Challenge Capsule Wardrobe

If you’ve followed fashion or those tiny house documentaries on Netflix, then you have some idea of what minimalism is. Project 333 was created in 2010 by a blogger named Courtney Carver. She deemed that removing clothes she didn’t need and only keeping 33 items she would cycle through every 3 months, would have benefits far beyond making laundry easier. She found in this social experiment that it was transformative to her life from the inside out. Since then minimalism lifestyle has taken off. The less is more mind set has sparked an amazing transformation into western culture. I have friends who have renovated vans and RV’s that they now live in full time, making them virtually debt free. My own brother is in the process of creating a tiny house for his family of 3. The gist of this cultural experiment is showing people less things and more experiences is where a fulfilling life is.

An easy way to make a chic look is a poncho belted.

More and more people are starting to realize a 4 bed/3 bath with an attached garage in the burbs isn’t necessary for happiness or fulfillment. With these larger houses, larger lawns, and keeping up with the Jones’s mindset people are going deep in debt. This is causing couples to fight over money and work more hours to make up the difference. But isn’t our goal in life to be there for our family making memories? The concept really is an exciting option. Marie Kondo created many different series including a Netflix series about tidying up and saying goodbye to unnecessary things that are weighing us down. All of these options seem easy enough, but wait, is this possible for a plus size woman? I mean plus size fashion has really started to boom but is minimalism fashion a realistic option for us curvy girls? It’s hard enough trying to find plus size clothes that aren’t ridiculously expensive but doing so in an intentional way to be minimalistic seems a bit terrifying.

My favorite Chic Soul dress

Me being a sucker for a social experiment I decided I’ll be your huckleberry and try out a 2020 capsule wardrobe challenge. The concept is very simple. I will use 20 items, for 20 days, creating 20 looks. I reached out to Chic Soul for this experiment. I love their items and already had several pieces already so it really was just simply filling a few holes. I did some research on Pinterest to see what ideas are out there for a basic capsule wardrobe. I then tweaked it to fit the current weather and time of year. I found these basic items were what I would need, sprinkled in with a few funsie items.

Turtleneck Poncho, Camel Poncho, Denim Jacket, Anorak Jacket, Lightweight Poncho, Pullover Sweater, Faux Leather Leggings, White Jeans, Black Distressed Jeans, White Blouse, Black Blouse, Green Turtleneck, Pink Maxi, Black A-line Dress, Leopard Print Dress, Snakeskin Maxi, Blue Jumpsuit, Black Booties, Nude Heels, Black Heels.

Staying warm and trying not to fall on my butt in white jeans

I tried to make a healthy mix of basics, colors, prints, solids and different fabrics. As of today I am on day 10 of my 2020 capsule wardrobe challenge. I can give a solid progress report on things I’ve learned thus far.

1: I have WAY to many things in my closet. I can’t believe how much stuff I have and don’t need. It’s crazy scary actually. With a little ingenuity and creativity though, less really is more.

2: Weather in South Georgia is crazy! One day its 55 degrees, the next its 75 and raining. Planning a capsule wardrobe when the weather is nuts is much harder than I expected.

3: You never know until you try. This experiment has pushed me to put together looks I would have never tried. I love that it expands my vision.

4: I desperately need to do a clothing sale dump on Poshmark. Stay tuned for a major dump of clothes that have either never or only been worn once.

5: Doing a capsule wardrobe as a plus size woman does require patience and practice. You will have to put effort into this if you want it to work but it is doable.

Neutral colors have a huge impact in an outfit

Now I’m not saying I’m going full on tiny house, project 333 on my wardrobe. I am however saying that my spending is being cut dramatically. So far this is something I would do again and very likely will. Comment below and tell me if you’ve done something like this? Would you do it again? If you’ve never tried it would you consider it? What obstacles have you faced in your journey?

Until next time

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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