The Reinvention of The Curvy Carrot Top

I know what you’re thinking. “Eve, you only have like 4 posts on this blog. Why are you reinventing it?” But I mean this metaphorically. I am at a point of self rediscovery and I want to share all of it with you. There’s something so fulfilling about sharing self discovery with complete strangers, ha.

Chic and easy wrap dress from Old Navy. Betsey Johnson bag with a cute bow headband from Torrid.

It really started about 6 weeks ago. A friend of mine, we’ll call him “Josh”, DM’ed me on FB messenger. Josh needed help trying to decide what to get his girlfriend for her birthday. She had mentioned she needed some new clothes and Josh being an average guy had absolutely no idea where or how to go about getting her what she wanted. As we chatted on, he mentioned his girlfriend, we’ll call her “Jamie”, was really looking to amp up her wardrobe but had 0 idea how to go about it. Josh mentioned Jamie’s size had fluctuated off and on and she is a new body frame she wasn’t used to. Then something profound happened, for both of us. Josh asked me if I provided fashion counseling….. I thought about it for a moment, and realized; I have coached many ladies on 1 single outfit before but never have I provided full on fashion counseling. I especially had not provided plus size specific fashion counseling before. Immediately the amount of knowledge I had accumulated starting bubbling in my head. What shapes for what body types, color schemes, color texture pattern shine, how to shop sales and about a million other fashion related brain nuggets filled my frontal lobes. Without further hesitation I told Josh that I would love to coach Jamie on finding her new body style.

The next evening Jamie and I chatted on FB messenger going over her schedule, and gathering up some basic information. I won’t go into specific details as I find self invention to be very personal. You’re putting yourself out there to say I’m not 100% satisfied with who I am and I’m asking for help to find it; literally changing your outsides to change your insides. I will however say that Jamie, unknowingly, helped me reach a point of self discovery.

Shoes from JC Penney Worthington. Top from Old Navy, Skirt and Brooch from Amazon. Betsey Johnson bag and bucket hat surprisingly from Cracker Barrel

While coaching Jamie, I realized I too was at a point of reinvention. Next month I will be 35. I know there is an age when age sets in for women. For some its 30 or even 40, but for me, it’s 35. Do you ever notice when you fill out those forms online and they have you check that little box choosing your age group? Well I’ve subconsciously noticed that most of them have age box 25-34 and the next box is 35-44. That little check box on those stupid forms is what hit me in my brain pan. Eve, it’s time to grow up.

When it comes to my personal style, I’ve always gravitated towards bright, colorful, bold and seen. Nothing understated and maybe even a wee bit tacky. But as I’ve started coaching Jamie, I’ve found that a change in style for myself was needed. At 35 I want to look back and see someone accomplished. I want to see someone polished, poised and regal. As a firm believer in changing your insides from the outsides, I too have begun my style reinvention.

Dress from Eloquii, shoes are Worthington from JC Penney, seriously the most comfortable pumps I’ve ever owned.

To do this, I did exactly what I would do with a fashion counseling client. I went through every piece of clothing I had. If the item didn’t suit my goals, intentions, or the future I was looking to build, then it went up for sale or was donated. I then perused the thrift stores, malls, Black Friday sales and everywhere in between to find what I felt was missing. After this 6 week long self rediscovery I can report, I feel better about myself and turning 35. I feel like I’m headed into 35 with a plan, with goals and with a sense of purpose. I found that fashion counseling plus size women is something that comes naturally. It’s incredibly fulfilling to help these ladies rediscover and rebuild themselves and it just so happens, they helped me rediscover me too. I still have a lot more self discovery to go, but I am very much enjoying the work ahead.

Until next time,

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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