What exactly is J’atoure? Well, the word J’atoure is a combination of two French words. J’adore, meaning I love you; mixed with the word Couture, also of French origin meaning dressmaking. So, seemingly perfect, J’atoure is the perfect name for this boutique clothing brand that I’m going to share with you via 1 item 3 ways!

Before I start the 1 item 3 ways I’ll share a little back story on the company. J’atoure is an online boutique located in Atlanta, GA. The company was created in 2000 by Janita Nicole Ferguson. She started this company to create size inclusive couture garments for woman who live for the luxe. Now keep in mind, back in 2000 plus size clothing was nothing compared to what it is now. In 2000 plus size fashion was unheard of. In 2000 the ideal body type was Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss. To create a plus size couture boutique at that time was an extremely bold venture.

Size Chart

Sharing the company deets, they offer international shipping. All major credit cards including PayPal are accepted. They offer standard shipping (3-5 business days) and express shipping (1-2 business days). They DO NOT accept returns or exchanges but you can contact them via phone, email or in store to ensure your purchase is 100% what you requested. They’ve also provided a size chart on their website. Thus if you’re unsure what size you would wear, take down your measurements and choose accordingly. If you’re unsure of your measurements don’t fear. I will be covering how to take your measurements in another segment. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff, 1 item 3 ways.

This dress is only $20.00 USD! It is composed of 95% cotton/5% spandex material. What that means is this dress is light weight and durable, as opposed to itchy polyester. This dress is a figure flattering a-line with a fitted 3/4 sleeve length, scoop neck and IT HAS POCKETS! Yes the fact that this dress has pockets, it deserves bold print, lol.

Green Dream


The easiest way to put together a statement look with minimal effort is the monochromatic. Intentional head to toe matching creates a polished look while also showcasing the feeling “I did this on purpose and it looks good.” Since we are in late October, pairing this dress with a matching suede green boot, green fedora and simple owl necklace you have an effortless and polished weekday look.

Soft Hearted Frenchie

The French Connection

This 2nd look is so Paris fashion week 2019 street style. If you haven’t noticed, heavy metals like grommets and studs are always a fall statement for fashion. Beret’s this season are also heavy hitters. A simple way to showcase your hardware is by using this dress as your base piece. Add in a studded bootie, a beret and if you’re feeling bold, a leather jacket to add pizzazz for a night out look. Because I personally like to be hella extra, I used pieces that all have grommets and/or studs, because Carpe Diem.

Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

This 3rd and final look is a weekend ready outfit. I love mixing a hunter green dress with orangey brown pieces. The colors mix so well and lucky for us leopard print is all the rage this season. So, it was a no brainer to pair this green dress with my favorite leopard print booties. To keep this look weekend ready, I added a statement belt in a complimenting color, a matching tote and a denim jacket. For added funsies I also put on my favorite pageboy hat, because it’s really windy right now and ain’t no body got time for a bad hair day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 1 item 3 ways with J’atoure. Here is a a direct link to this dress. For $20.00 bucks, grab it before it’s gone!


Check them out on instagram under @shopjatoure. Be sure to follow them as they do almost daily discounts and their prices are crazy inexpensive. I have 3 items from them and I can’t believe they cost so little. For the price and quality of these items they could charge far more! Stay tuned for my next post where I’m going to cover fashion basics with Fashion 101.

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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