First Cool Day With Chic Soul

I have been waiting impatiently to finally enjoy the first cool day of Fall. If I had one major gripe for living in the Deep South it would be the weather. We are always the last to receive the first cool day of the year. So when I tell you I’ve been preparing for this day for a month, I mean it! I’m talking woke up early, opened the curtains to the sunrise, singing to the birds like a dang Disney princess excited!

Along with my much anticipated cool weather anxiety is my first cool weather outfit. The first cold day of Fall to me is the equivalent of your first day of 5th grade. You already have that first outfit laid out, pressed and prepped to fully envelope yourself in the excitement.

When I was first approached with the opportunity to partner with Chic Soul I didn’t quite know what I wanted. Weather here in October is so unpredictable. But I knew I wanted at least one outfit that was sweater weather appropriate. I told myself even if the temps didn’t drop, I’d take myself somewhere cold, like an ice skating rink and make it work.

Luckily the good Lord blessed me today with the first cold day of Fall and I’m happy to share this day with y’all and Chic Soul.

There are a few trends I’m loving for Fall of 2019: Beret’s, Distressed Jeans, and Turtlenecks. So when I saw these black ultra distressed skinny jeans and green turtleneck I knew they would marry like peanut butter and jelly.

First let me say, these skinny jeans are the comfiest jeggins I’ve ever owned. And let me tell you, I’ve owned a lot of jeggings. These are dang near magical. They fit perfectly at true to size and hold in all my loose bits but still maintain their shape. I can’t believe how awesome these are, and they’re now my favorite pants! Yes I said my favorite, over Torrid Premium and Old Navy jeggings. I will indefinitely be buying more of these pants.

Second this turtleneck. It fits like an absolutely glove, running true to size. It has four way stretch, and maintains its shape all day. It’s comfy enough to wear all day without feeling constricted. A good classic turtleneck is a staple piece for any wardrobe. This turtleneck being the hunter green color makes it a must have item for the fall and winter. Add a red plaid a line skirt to this turtleneck and you have a effortlessly chic family Christmas photo outfit.

These pieces by themselves are classic chic, but paired together, they’re a dynamic duo.

Links to both items are listed below. Until next time.

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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