Chic Soul October Collaboration

Chic Soul is a brand I have loved for the past 2 years. Often their items would pop up in sponsored ads in my Facebook and Instagram feed. Here I am a year later with multiple collaborations with Chic Soul and I can tell you I love them as much today as I did the very first time I’ve worked with them.

Today I’m briefly showcasing an outfit I’ve put together for my Chic Soul October Collaboration. One of the great things that have come back into Fall 2019 fashion is the 90’s, specifically corduroy. I adore this fabric but haven’t been able to find a corduroy skirt that I loved, that came in plus and wasn’t an ultra mini skirt. Thankfully I found this beautiful chocolate brown corduroy skirt from Chic Soul. The faux buttons show added detail while the fabric is incredibly stretchy which my thighs were extremely thankful for. I paired this comfy chocolate skirt with and adorable sweater top from Chic Soul. Its light weight and breathable, making it a staple fall fashion piece for years to come. I can already think of 5 different ways I want to style this sweater. It will be on repeat this fall for sure.

If you haven’t ordered from Chic Soul, stay tuned. They do almost daily giveaways on their facebook page. Be sure to follow them for current sales and giveaways.

Here are links to both of these pieces!

Hugs, Kisses and All That Jazz,


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